Nästa vecka är belysningsvecka!

Vecka 50 blir en ljus vecka. Hos Energimyndigheten på Rosenlundsgatan 9 kan du varje dag delta i saminerier på belysningstemat. spana in programmet och anmäl dig direkt i doodlelänken som finns intill varje dags aktiviteter.

Welcome to the Lighting Week 2019!

There is a strong interest in learning more about the Swedish Energy Agency’s work with policy development, product testing, research financing, support for business development. The Swedish Energy Agency in turn need to keep up to date with the development from a wide range of actors to understand how the transformation of the energy system can be carried out.

Since 2011, the Lighting Research Center (LRC) from Troy, New York, has visited the Swedish Energy Agency for a week of lighting seminars on an advanced level. The week has become very popular among the participants, and this year the week will be held between 9-13 December in Stockholm. This is a great opportunity for Swedish authorities, companies to access the latest developments in the rapidly expanding lighting field.

Lunch and coffee breaks are included! Seats are limited. The themes for this year are:

Mon, Dec 9, Energy System Challenges – Watt is going on (registration opens at 09:00, presentations start at 10:00 and ends in the afternoon)

The reason for the theme on this day is that we have as lighting specialists learned over the years that it is also beneficial to understand the power grid challenges in order to contribute with solutions with the current challenges. Speakers:

  • Jens Malmodin – Energy Consumption and carbon emission of ICT digital technologies – Ericsson
  • Mark Rea, Lighting for the new grid – Lighting Research Center
  • Ambra Sannino – Energy transition outlook 2019 – DNV GL
  • Magnus Nilsson – On and off grid energy systems – Glava Energy Center
  • Jonas Anund Vogel – Living Lab test beds for innovation acceleration – KTH
  • Sebastian Lourdudoss – Compound Semiconductor Week 2020 – KTH
  • Peter Bennich – IEA power electronic project group – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Bengt Melin – Suddenly it happens and why there is no more time for pictures of polar bears – The DO companies
  • Stefan Jansson and Göran Smedbäck – IT Security for connected products -Swedish Energy Agency
  • And more!
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Tue, Dec 10, Why don’t we implement faster? (registration opens at 09:00, presentations start at 10:00 and ends in the afternoon)

How come there are an abundance of energy efficient lighting products, but we are still using legacy products. Why is the transition not going faster?

  • Mark Rea, Leadership: A successful case study – Lighting Research Center
  • Emil Andersson – Our procurement groups for buildings – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Kerstin Lundvik – Energy saving activities – Stockholm City Energy Center
  • Tommy Goven – Åsö Gymnasium lighting installation –  Svensk Ljusfakta
  • Johannes Brundin – Lighting for healthcare – Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
  • Christofer Silfvenius – Phasing out of the T8 fluorescent tube, 1 Sept 2023 – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Ute Besenecker – Can’t we skip the lighting designer and just buy some lamps? – KTH Architecture
  • And more!
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Wed, Dec 11, Swedish Lighting Innovations and Business Opportunities (registration opens at 09:00, presentations start at 10:00 and ends in the afternoon)

Sweden has a century long tradition in both good lighting quality and in developing good work environments, and are also excellent system experts. This background should be opening up for business.

  • Mariana Figueiro – Lighting for Swedish Healthy Home – Lighting Research Center
  • Mark Rea – 24 hour lighting: Feeding the planet for the 21st Century – Lighting Research Center
  • Su-Ping Burman – LED lighting, solar cells, power companies and kids – Pingwise AB
  • Reine Karlsson – Innovative lighting for schools – Energikompetenscentrum Högskolan Dalarna
  • Hans Nyqvist – Tech Transfer Opportunities to Southern and Eastern Africa – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Jonas Kellander – Innovative lighting for schools – SWECO
  • Akiliina Olkkola – Chasing balance: light and heat in efficient greenhouses – Provolitans
  • And more!
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Thu, Dec 12, Light Quality workshop for Performing Arts (registration opens at 09:00, presentations start at 10:00 and ends in the afternoon)

LED’s are energy efficient but are they performing also on the stage? We are lacking a white light quality definition for the performing arts. Workshop with measurements!

  • Mark Rea – A new approach to light design – Lighting Research Center
  • Mattias Fransson – Stage lighting vocabulary – Ljusteknik AB
  • Martin Lindbom – Measure light on stage – Konica Minolta
  • Peter Bennich – Ecodesign for performing arts lighthing – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Christoffer Tjärnberg – Applying grants for implementing energy efficiency – Swedish Energy Agency
  • And more!
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Fri, Dec 13, Certification Program for installing light for elderly (registration opens at 09:00, presentations start at 10:00 and ends in the afternoon)

The eye changes with age and combined with common diseases the need for support mechanisms increase. Lighting installation can add support for elderly if done in the right way. We propose a certification program for installers of lighting for elderly.

  • Mariana Figueiro – Lighting for neurodegenerative diseases – Lighting Research Center
  • Mariana Figuiero – Certification for energy efficient lighting for seniors – Lighting Research Center
  • Per Nylen – Light, quality of life in public housing for elderly – Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Kerstin Lundvik – Lighting for elderly in Bromma – Stockholm City Energy Center
  • Helena Holm – Certification program for lighting installations for elderly – Swedish Energy Agency
  • Oscar Hägglund – Anti-bacterial lighting – Provolitans
  • And more!
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